For every season, for every commodity, we do it all. Since our inception, Tiger Lines
has become one of California’s premier regional carriers. Throughout the years Tiger Lines has maintained continued growth in its freight and dedicated fleet services division, its diversified agricultural division and lastly, expanding into solid-waste and forest-by-products divisions.

Our Agriultural division provides the neccessary flexibilty in equipment & experience
to haul most every raw product processed in California.

Dedicated Fleet
Our diversified dedicated fleet provides drivers and rolling stock as required, customized to any single customer’s requirements.

In Our Forest by-products and landscape division we move a variety of products such as saw mill residual, decorative landscape products and feed commodities with live floor and belt trailers through the state of California.

Our 53 foot dry vans are utilized to haul truck load freight of all kinds throughout

With our self unloading and high cube possum belly trailers we specialize in the transferring of municipal solid waste, recyclables, green waste and wet or dry food processing residual throughout the state of California.

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